Mette’s scars

This is Mette.

When she was only eight months old, she got severely burned by hot tea.
Today Mette is 38 years old and the mother of two wonderful children. She is originally from Sri Lanka and got adopted to Denmark as a baby.

_MG_1545-blogOne day, back in the late 70s, the little girl was sitting in her high chair, wearing only a diaper. Her father had just put a pot of hot tea on the table. Thinking he had put the tea far enough away from his daughter, he turned his back for a brief moment. When Mette saw the tea pot, she started rocking her high chair, eventually hard enough to grab a hold of the pot, spilling hot tea all over herself.
Wearing only diapers, she got severely burned in a matter of seconds, even though her parents immediately grabbed her and showered her in cold water.

Mette spent 8 weeks at the burn unit at the University Hospital in Odense before returning home to her parents.
She says the scars have always been a part of her life, as she has no recollection of the time before. They have healed up nicely, meaning that they have become close to her own skin color. They could easily have turned out very light or pink. Because of this, people do not really notice them till they get very close and because they are located on her legs and stomach, they are covered up most of the time anyway.

_MG_1550-blogDuring her childhood and teenage years, Mette was very self conscious about her scars. She felt as if everyone was looking at them. But when the hospital called her to ask if she wanted reconstructive surgery, that may or may not have been successful, she turned it down.

When Mette started getting interested in boys and got her first boyfriend, she did not feel pretty or sexy at all. But the boys didn’t seem to take notice of the scars and as she puts it, “I have actually never experienced anyone getting turned off or being disgusted by them”.

Her scars caused a bit of trouble during her pregnancies and as a result, her belly was lopsided, pertruding to the right in stead of in the middle because of the lack of elasticity in the scar tissue.

Today, at 38, Mette has no problem, whatsoever, going to the beach in a swimsuit with her children or wearing summer clothing. What people may think or not think doesn’t bother her anymore.


The photos were taken in 2010, before Mette got pregnant for the first time.